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Common CNC Manufacturing, LLC
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Carrie's Picks


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Carrie's Picks:

Informational & Inspirational Articles and Quotes

Not a “Morning Person”? Why That’s Simply a Lie You’re Telling Yourself

“I’m not a morning person — and there is no way I am getting up at [X:XX a.m.] because that time just doesn’t work for me.”  Read more...


How to Immediately Improve Your Life (Hint: It Starts With Improving the Lives of Others)

"Studies of the effects of giving in the workplace are equally dramatic and show that the way to a more productive business and a healthier, more creative and collaborative workforce is not by continuing our culture's dangerous devotion to burnout and overwork." Rather is it by giving back to others in our lives and communities. Read more...


How To Cut Your Email Volume In Half

"There’s no worse feeling than opening your inbox to find hundreds of emails that need your immediate attention. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living, a seemingly endless flow influx of emails is certain to give anyone a tension headache." Read more...


"What you choose today determines what you can choose tomorrow."